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When it comes to DIY it's important to have at least the basic tools.  Before I purchased my table saw and miter saw I was cutting away with my circular saw.  Though these saws now of days come with built in laser sights I still like to see my blade cutting the line every now and then.  If you want to make very accurate and straight cuts with when cutting further than 12 inches I would highly recommend purchases a saw guide.  These handy devices attached to your circular saw and cost about $10 bucks.

When it comes time to plan your cuts I suggest if you want a clean cut with no splintering or peel off from something you are trying to preserve the paint use painter's tape.  Applying painter's tape to the cutting area along with employing your saw guide will result in your cuts looking as if it was done before the paint was applied or even a factory cut depending on you control of the saw and guide.

And remember measure twice!