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Veteran Performance, Family Man Style

A. If you have someone that you hired on the job and you ask them how's it going and they say okay or I got it under control. That is a problem. I state this because a professional should be able to give you a situation report along the lines of where they are and how they feel about the situation. Example, when I was doing some landscaping this month I responded to my customer that I was having difficulties with the ground due to obstructions but we were getting through it.

A. Charge what you are worth. I have seen some people in the business bid job so dirt cheap that I would claim you get what you pay for. Just as if you were to get an operation you wouldn't ask the doctor to give you a discount. If believe that if you are a craftsman then, you should confidently have an hourly rate that reflects your quality of life. If being a business operator for some is selling their services at $10 or $15 an hour then, they should just go work for someone else because, they will most defiantly burn out.

A. They should ask themselves if they are capable of doing it themselves?
It capable then, do they have the time to invest in the project?
I think these questions are important because that is why I decided to start my business. I realize that there might be a lot of people who are capable but because they are working professional they don't want to use up their time off working on projects at their place of rest. I want to help those people too.

A. My work stands out among other companies because I feel that my service while in the Marines has enabled me to not only serve others well but, understanding the importance of strong relationships. I'm not interested in making a quick buck. I want to take pleasure in helping any of my customers as well as existing customers from time to time.

A. I enjoy being outdoors for starters and the freedom to operate my business. I relish in being responsible to others. In doing so I feel that I can make the right decisions without question, otherwise if I was to work for a company it's their way.

A. I had experiences where some would ask if I had experience with a certain project. I would respond confidently that I am capable of doing the job. Sometimes in order to gain experience you must do it for the first time. I'm always willing to give it my best shot and if I do go on-site and it looks beyond my capabilities I will say so. I would rather be honest than create a situation where someone else would have to fix it in my wake.

A. I was doing some framing in Iraq when I was recalled back in the Marines back in 2005. We were responsible for framing our own sections for our sleeping quarters in Al Qaim Rail Station. Very few Marines knew how to do this. It was such a privilege to instruct Marines in this trade for once, rather than how to destroy the enemy.