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When it comes to either installing that new lawn edging or replacing weathered and damaged edging, it's important to measure the area.  I highly recommend always measuring twice just in case your first measurement is off.  Also, due to the possible contour of the lawn it will probably bend rather than straight line. 

You will find lawn edging at hardware and garden suppliers ranging between 10'-20' feet in length.  The depth of the edging depends on how much interference you want to create between the soil of your lawn and flower beds or decorative material.  The depth will also act as an anchor but, keep in mind another inch or two of edging depth may add up to possibly more hours of work depending on the scope of your project.
I highly recommend purchasing edging stakes.  They will help secure the edging into the ground in order to help prevent dislocation due to roots or just simply the mere shifting of the ground over time.
Great thing to have on the job is enough materials.  So buy that extra 10-20 feet of lawn edging or pack of stakes because, it will save you much needed time having them on hand than making trips back to your hardware supplier. 

Of course save your receipts so you can return any unused materials.  I use a project folder but, a clipboard would be just as handy to place all your project administrative paperwork via, gear list, schematics, budget, and receipts.